What we offer

Residential Care For Children and Young People

We believe in delivering high quality care for all our children and young people, as such we will always aim to provide a high standard of accommodation, care and support for young people.

We work closely and in partnership with placing authorities including a young persons social worker, leaving care worker and the commissioning team. We also develop and maintain working relationships with other agencies with a single aim of offering the most appropriate service to young people placed with us.

As an organisation all of our service delivery operates under the auspices of a clear and comprehensive policy and guidance framework at both a local and national level. We keep abreast of all changes to ensure young people and our service delivery to them is exactly as it should be.

Wrap around support for young people

We are committed to looking at the individual needs of every young person placed with us. Where appropriate we will seek to access external support in the following areas:

  • Therapeutic support
  • Support with education